About Me

Hi guys!

I'm 17 and have been participating in multi-sports since I was the age of 11.
I started off swimming from around the age of 6 and have been running (coaxed/forced) by my father since I learnt how to walk. He persuaded me to try out biathlon/aquathons when I was 11 and I was hooked from then on.

Since then I've progressed rather well but have relaxed quite a bit for the past 2 years due to other commitments (school and what not) and by my own laziness. 2013 is the year of change for me and I hope to regain the previous speed that I used to have.

Other Facts:

  • I also enjoy playing Kendo (japanese martial arts)
  • Pasta is my all time favourite food. 
  • I dislike celery.
  • I enjoy tinkering with computers and anything tech related. 
  • I enjoy reading
I'm also an active member or regularly lurk about on Overclock.net (computers and tech), XDA Developers forum (phones/Android modification), Reddit and SlowTwitch forums (triathlon)

Some achievements and timeline:

2007: First biathlon (swim/run) and I was hooked. Joined a tri-club (Energetic Triathlon) and started cycling the same year.

2008: Participated in my first duathlons and got my first road bike. (A classic Colnago alu frame)

2009: Did a 2nd and 3rd time trial for the Hong Kong national squad. Got accepted into the Regional Squad at the 2nd trial and successfully made the Hong Kong National Squad B by the third.

2010: 3rd Ranked in my AG for all Tri/AQ/Duathlon events in HK since joining NSB (National Squad B).

2011: Was relegated from NSB because I failed to meet swim time trials. Also was promoted from the 1996 AG category for races up to "Youth Open"

2012: Consistently ranking between 11th-16th in "Male Junior" category (Age 16-19). Re-motivated to train hard and get those results that I should be getting for 2013!

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