Thursday, 4 April 2013

2013 Duathlon Series Race 3 (Championship) Race Report

2013 Duathlon Series Race 3 (Championship)

I admit I was under trained for this race. I had a AYP camping trip the week before and assessments/coursework to finish off the week before this race. My training hours had dropped from approx 8 hrs/week to less than half of that, and to top this all off the racecourse was a full on hills course.


There was a bit of morning chill and fog, but I was glad that it wasn't raining like last year. Nothing much to say other than it was close to ideal race conditions. I ended up just wearing my usual team outfit (same as in the last race) but without arm warmers. 

The Race

My course was the short course of the two events today. (2K run, 20K bike, 2K run)
Start time was at 0705. 

Leg 1 (Run 3.2K):

Race Plan: Stay with the front pack and get an improved run time.
Reality?....Well lets just say things didn't go according to plan.I lost the first pack roughly 500m into the race as they were going roughly 2:30-3:00/km (which is a hell lot faster than I could sustain or willing to sustain to keep some gas for the bike leg). 1km downhill, 1km back up. I rushed into T1 and that was smooth sailing through even though the first 10m or so from the mounting line is uphill.

Garmin Connect

Leg 2 (Bike 20K): 

Again, a two lap course but this time the course is roughly 75% hills. But I blew up on this race. Two reasons: First lap was too fast and I didn't control my speed/feeling and inadequate training in my opinion...which I mentioned above. Since I setup my watch to auto-lap every 2km I can see that there is a significant difference in speed for the first lap and second lap.

Garmin Connect

Leg 3 (Run 3.2K):

I gave it everything I got and ended up......with a slower time than last year. Disappointing...but lessons learnt. If you want improvement, you've got to give it everything. Don't slack. You will ONLY get what you give 

Garmin Connect

Stats and times

Times not including transition splits

My official chip time was the same one I got on my watch: 1:06:21.



On the run nearly at T1. 
Heading into T1. Checking time and getting the split off my Garmin. 
Headed out of T1 down the first hill.
In aero out of T1. 
Turning point B after first lap. 

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