Friday, 1 February 2013

Pre-Race Update 01/02/2013

Hi readers!

First post in quite a while....
Some updates in what I've been up to as I've been a little busy with school and stuff lately.

First: I've got another duathlon coming up this Sunday. Hoping to get another PR for the course at 1:05. I was pretty close last time at 1:07. Race plan is to attempt a faster first run (4:15/K pace then give it all I've got on the final run leg).

Secondly: I think I'm training nicely in time for my first A race early next month. Though I'm slightly worried by a small disruption to my training schedule as I have a qualifying AYP expedition in the week before my A race. Conditions will be tough on my A race as it's a full on hilly course.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a race report soon!

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