Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sports Day 2013

Sports Day 2013

Well. Today was the big of the big sporting events that my school does annually. All athletics events from 100m to 1500m and the traditional field events excluding pole vaulting. Lets just say....short distance (Anything below 3-5K are not my forte). Lactic builds up too fast and I quickly jump into my anaerobic zone/lactic threshold zone. I originally didn't qualify for any events but my PE teacher said that I had potential so he wanted me in both 1500m and 400m.

Garmin Connect files below:
Not too shabby; I set my 310XT to autolap every 500m and you can defiantly see that my time slows after the first 500m. I could feel the lactic burning throughout my body and struggled to gain any speed. Oh well. I'm just not built for short distance...or trained enough for short distance bursting distances. 

Not too shabby again.....I hit my predicted time as I wanted to save some energy for the 4x400m relay later on in the afternoon. Way easier than the 1500m since the distance was halved. 

I was the first runner. Each lap was for each of the other runners in my team. I gotta say; my 400m wasn't as bad as I thought! 57s is close to the fastest...or actually the fastest time that I ever set for that distance!
Great work team! We started around 5th (when I ran) and ended up 3rd when we finished!

Overall; great day. I could still do better...but I'm going to focus on long distance events. 

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