Sunday, 6 January 2013

First TTT experience

My first TTT (Team Time Trial for those that don't know cycling terminology) experience left me with several goals and targets for my cycling that I don't think I would've noticed in an ordinary duathlon/triathlon race.

I need to:

  • Work on power and muscular endurance (big chain up hill and low cadence riding)
  • Don't rely on high cadence 
  • When pulling the team don't overshoot my limit, learn to conserve energy 
It was a hard 42K combined with a frosty and windy conditions (cold for us living in Hong Kong!)...well I was supposed to do 42K but I couldn't hold up after 4.5-5ish laps (approx 20-21K) then I had to do early u-turns right before the turning points to catch up with the team. I think I could have kept up if we kept our speed slightly lower and more consistent (34-36km/h) in the first 3-4 laps as we planned the day before, but for some reason the team leader changed the plan on the fly and starting us lap 1 at 38km/h and keeping that speed in headwinds and increasing it to 40-42km/h when we had tailwinds. 

My legs are still aching as I'm writing this post....but I'll recover and I'll come back stronger than before!
1st Duathlon of the winter season is scheduled for next week and predictions from the weather observatory predicts anywhere between 10-12*C so I should expect between 8-10*C because the New Territories are colder than the urban side of Hong Kong island where I live. 

Some pictures:

Coach/team leader's Scott Foil 40. Testing out Zipp 808's on the rear.
My alu roadie with borrowed aero wheels from my coach. 

Profile Design T2+ Aero bars (shorties), Rear Zipp 404 Tubulars (Alu brake track), Shimano RS80 C50 front

The sun came out after we finished....this is an aftershot back at my coaches place. And no I didn't carry 2 water bottles during the TTT, I put in my spare on my way back cause I drank up my entire bottle during the TT. 

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