Monday, 7 January 2013

New Training Toys and ...Pictures

Got my late Christmas presents today! 
I bought a used Garmin 310XT off "Armytriguy3" (great guy), it came exactly as described and was a pretty good deal since the 310XT is close to 3 years old now. I as a student can't afford the 910XT as I simply can't justify the price on it. I also bought a GSC10 (Garmin bike speed+cadence sensor) and the quick release kit for the 310XT. Very pleased so far and can't wait to start using my new watch!

Pictures from the TTT I attended yesterday finally got uploaded this afternoon; below are a few of my favorites out of the 100 or so pictures~

After the TTT...I'm on the left back in my eye catchy yellow Rudy Project thermal fleece. 

I'm at the back holding up the white bike on the right. 

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