Saturday, 15 December 2012

Back From 2 Day Expedition (and Day 1 Report)

Hiya guys!

I was off on a 2 day practice expedition for AYP Silver. (Award for Young People) Basically its a hiking camp thing where we plan our own routes as a group etc etc. This expedition was mandatory for direct entrants (as I didn't do bronze). This was 1 day shorter compared to the first practice expedition that I did last month but its intensity was definitely harder as last time there were thunderstorms and foul weather thus relegating all of us to pretty much the same route. Too bad I don't have my 310XT with me yet; if I did I would record our travels!

AYP Team Name: 49 Shades of Grey
Team members: 8 (3 girls, 5 boys)

Day 1 Summary:
We set off from school at 0930 and changed buses at TungChung to go over to the starting point. We officially started hiking at around 1115 hrs.
Target ETA: By 1600 hrs arrive at the camp site approx 11.26K away.

Starting off the trail was well maintained with some uphill and down hill. After approx. 3K's we took a break. Wow what a view!

Shot using my friend's iPhone 5 to the next checkpoint! Down that slope we went....and it was waaayyyyyyyyy longer than it actually looks in that panorama. We had a quick lunch at checkpoint 2 with our self-prepared lunches.
Off we went to the next checkpoints; all downhill again! My legs were shaking like hell! Even completing a triathlon felt way easier!

We somehow managed to go on a "scenic detour" on our way to checkpoint 5 at the beach.....I blame my good friend Aaron for babbling on about universities. We had to survive the embarrassment of walking back to the 4th checkpoint and endure the laughing by the teacher of which I promptly silenced with "these aren't the droids you're looking for" since he was a major Star Wars fan. Brownie points for Team Brian!
And here the team collapses exhausted....5 more K's till our campsite.
Obligatory panorama of the beach 

After more prodding for an extra long 15 minute break we teamed up with our friends in another group called "Lao Ban"/老闆 (Chinese for "boss") 
Obligatory group photo of the combined teams
We finally 1555hrs!
Oh boy were we happy. We got to chill for close to 2 hours before I had to go off cooking dinner for my team (yes my secret hobby is cooking)
Anyway; some random photos of us all chilling and my friend playing "Chubby Bunny" :D
Check out my post about Day 2!

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