Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Pre-X'mas Training and Tri Club Dinner

For the first time in the winter of 2012-2013 we finally got "proper cold weather" (temperatures between 10-12*C and slightly colder while we were riding from wind chill). Proper cold weather as in less than 15*C. Of course this isn't as cold in places like the US, Canada or the UK but for us athletes in Hong Kong its plenty cold for us. 

We did some hilly sets today which were plenty hard. We had a steady head wind on the 2nd half of each lap which burned our speed down pretty fast (downhill/relatively flat). In total we were supposed to do 3 laps but by the 2nd lap I was burned out and could barely generate the power that I needed to move. I suspect that last night at dinner since I didn't eat alot I didn't intake the nutrition that I needed for a speedy recovery. I was meant to do a 4-5K run as well afterwards but I couldn't move at all. I was at the limits of my body and it hurt alot.

Total Distance: 55km
Garmin Connect link

Tri-Club Pre-X'mas BBQ/Dinner
BBQ and lots of fun with some club members and the coaches and their kids!

Edited image of below (Snapseed on Android)

Rest day tomorrow on Christmas Eve! Or I might decide to go for a short 4K recovery run tomorrow afternoon...I also think I'll be baking something perhaps.  

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