Tuesday, 11 December 2012

First Post....Again!

First post again!
I used to have a WordPress blog but I like using Blogger more.

Anyway, as a little bit of an update of what I'm up to so far:

  • Training has toned down over the past 2 weeks. I've just been too busy and need a nice break to get back into action.
  • Going to be reviewing and setting some new goals next weekend after my 1st school term ends for 2 weeks of x'mas holiday.
Race Planning: 
  • So far my races that I will enter next year will be all the HKTriathlon Association's Duathlon and Aquation series (except for race 1 of AQ since I hate swimming in pool races). 
  • I'll be entering all the tri's that I can for 2013. Going to go for the longest distances but its likely all going to be Sprint as for stupid reasons (safety blahblah) we can't enter Olympic or longer distances. If I can I definitely will!
  • I will be entering some running races between Jan-March and will be focusing for mid-distance. (6-12K)

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