Sunday, 16 December 2012

Expedition 2nd Day Report

Day 2:
Target: 14.9K by 13:00 hours

Lovely. Day started off chilly but heated up quite dramatically. It doesn't even feel like winter! Our route today involved approx 6k of walking along a relatively flat trail with some uphill and down hills before we tackle this big mother-of-god-high mountain/hill....(more like 400m of elevation to climb but this is stretch out over several K's with downhill and not just a solid uphill).

Anyway; before we tackled that mother-hella-mountain we crossed this lovely reservoir.
 Again another obligatory panorama (HDR shot using friend's iPhone 5)
And another of our team; 49 Shades of Grey
Truly stunning! You wouldn't think that a place like Hong Kong has a hidden side like this.

And off we go for another 5K before we hit the hills.
I was loudly told off for taking pictures while everyone looked tortured climbing up.....this was only the first "mini summit" of many more to come. 
Oh hey there! Up to the top of there we go!
Yup, up there we go!
From the top

A little further ahead again

Rest of the team catching up!

Ok; here's a rather failed piece of photography. For those who are slightly geeky and techy you probably know that Android 4.2 has a feature called 'Photosphere' which lets you take a 360* panorama using tech from Google Streetview. I attempted to do one but my team ended up in my way so it looks rather silly; but here it goes anyway!
Up and up we continue. With the sun beating down on us and a non-existent breeze in our minds we pushed onward.
Every step felt endless and we finally reached the last steep hill we had to ascend.
Stairs to the stars? Awesome clouds.
Time was ticking though and with us behind our ETA by nearly 30 minutes we couldn't afford to waste another second and had to continue our push.
Oh hey there. What a lovely view of where we came from the distance.... :S

We finally arrive at the pier/bus stop at 1340 hours.

And our school's AYP coordinator/supervisor doesn't look that amused at having to wait for us as we ended up as the last group.....actually I can't tell if he is amused or not as he laughed at us for being the only group to take the weird route vs the other groups.

And this ends the practice expedition.
Until next time!

PS: Sitting on seats on the MTR is too mainstream so we sat on the floor. (MTR is our metro/underground in Hong Kong). In our defense we were dead tired and there were no seats!

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