Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas-sy stuff

聖誕快樂! Merry Christmas! メリークリスマス!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I decided to take a 2 day break from training on Chirstmas eve and Christmas Day. Dinner was home made and we invited a couple of close family friends to come over to celebrate. We also went out to the cinema for a late night show of "Les Miserables" which was interesting but not my cup of tea. I fell asleep about halfway through......To be honest its not a really a movie for anyone below 18. The actual story is interesting but the way it was filmed/acted out in (musical-ish) just didn't work for me. My parents and the other adults however enjoyed it.

Festive dinner :-)

Well that was Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Day I chilled out for the whole morning then the whole family went for a gym workout session. I took this as a great opportunity to do my graded run test on the treadmill with ok-ish results. 

Not bad I guess.....this sets the baseline for my first 6-8week block of training.

Garmin Connect for those who want to take a look
I need to recalibrate my footpod so distance/speed data for running will be missing for awhile.....until I recalibrate or when my 310XT arrives!

Christmas day dinner is off at my cousin's house with the extended family on my father's side with lots of socialising and chilling. Back to training tomorrow....My club has arranged a Boxing Day special ride. Going to tune up/clean my bike (cleaning the BB and turning up shifting and brakes) as well tomorrow and maybe buy a set of clip-on aero bars to get more aero.

Enjoy your Christmas everyone!
Have fun, eat well, train well and stay safe!

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